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Capacitive touch switches applied in the automotive industry.

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Capacitive touch switchesapplied in the automotive industry.

Automotive interior surface is the integration of decorative surfaces and electronic systems, including touch sensing, lighting / ambient lighting,

surface activation can be vibrating, etc., transparent conductive materials is one of the most core materials to realize these functions in the smart


PEDOT ink has a simple molecular structure, small energy gap, and other conductive polymers compared to the high conductivity, oxidation state has high

stability, oxidation state is transparent and other advantages.

In the age of intelligence, the trend is to replace the traditional key switch with a touch switch. Compared with the key switch, the touch switch has

great advantages in many aspects such as space, use and design:

1>Lightweight and space-saving.Tactile switches can integrate a large number of structures on a membrane, which is lightweight and can save a lot of space.

2>High freedom of design.By replacing physical keys with tactile switches, the product can be more integrated and designed more concisely.

3>Ästhetik. The panel pattern can be designed as you like, with any size and shape of the keys, characters, logos and perspective windows, etc. The appearance is beautiful and fashionable, and will not fade or deform.

4>Convenient operation.Capacitive inductive touch switch does not need to press the traditional physical keys, easy to operate, even with gloves can also be used, and is not affected by dry weather and humidity, human resistance changes, etc., more convenient to use.

5>Hohe Haltbarkeit.Theoretically, the tactile switch does not have any mechanical parts that will not wear out, infinite life, and reduce the cost of post-maintenance.

6>Waterproof and dustproof, good stability.Its sensing part can be placed behind any insulating layer (usually plastic material spray paint

lithography or iml parts), it is easy to make an integrated design sealed with the surrounding environment.

Maxswallis good at designing and producing all kinds of touch switch panels andtouch capacitive switch circuitsbased on PEDOT printing process, and which are widely used in various brand home appliances such as coffee machines, air purifiers, washing machines, etc., and smart cars and other human-machine interface operations.

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